I Got StuGo

StuGo applications are now open.

Jaden Gale, Staffer

Hey Smoky Hill students! Student Government/Link Leader applications are now open. Student Government is.


According to athletic director, Scott Cohen, “Student Government (or StuGo) is a combination of Student Leadership class and an extracurricular activity.  During the leadership class, students will participate in leadership activities, plan school events, and meet with adult leaders in the school and community.”


“The extra curricular activities that StuGo plans include: Homecoming activities, Wish Week, Asset Days, World Awareness, Prom, Graduation activities, school policy changes, community service projects and many more.  All of this work is focused on the goals of developing leaders and making Smoky Hill a better place!”


You can find the application through your Cherry Creek email or on the Smoky Hill website.


If you have any questions or concerns go to the activities office or contact Scott Cohen at [email protected]