Friendship Cup Recap

Loralee Bandy, Staffer

Flags twirl around to the rhythm of the music, color guard straining to reach perfection. Color whirls in front of the energetic band, in step behind them on the school parking lot. Once again, marching band is preparing for a competition.

Marching band has their second Friendship Cup of the year this Saturday, October 18th. The competition against other nearby bands begins in the morning, with awards at 6:00pm. After placing third in the first Friendship Cup of this season, marching band is allegedly putting on an even larger show this time.

“For this one, we actually have our entire show on the field,” states Junior Rebecca Chelf, the head of color guard. “Color guard has all their choreography.”

Color guard are the people seen out in the parking lot twirling colored flags around, even after the rest of marching band goes home.

Marching band practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45 to 5:30pm. Often, color guard will have sectionals until 6:30. During this time, members work individually in their group on choreography.

“Over the Summer, I teach all the newbies the basics,” Chelf explains. “During the school year, I help make sure that they’re doing the work correctly and entirely.”

Chelf has been a part of marching band since her freshman year. She works on teaching color guard choreography and the basics. She loves being a part of marching band, even pushing through injuries to continue performing.

“Freshman year toward the end of the season, my wrist got hurt from all the stress I put on it, and it hasn’t really gotten better since. Sometimes it just makes it harder to do certain things, but I still push through and try my best.”

Even with the injury, Chelf refuses to let herself off easy. She loves how much of a family marching band is for her. To her, the band is a group of close friends who stand up for each other. Together, they hope to do even better with this next competition.

“[Marching band] means a whole bunch of great friends and great people coming together to make something awesome.”