dance tryouts

Students interested in dance , look at joining the dance club


Alasyah Nettles, Staffer

Are you interested in dance? Then you may want to consider joining the dance team they are looking for boys and girls. The dance team tryouts will take place in the dance gym on 4/19/2022 all the way to the 4/21/2022 from 5:30 to 7:30 there is no need for experience, according to the SHHS website.

“We go to competitions and perform at football and basketball games,” Grace said. they also do fundraising for many different occasions and team dinners and docs on team bonding and opening up to new things.

This is a good way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new the team is really open and inclusive all you need is room to learn and an open mind, this is a really good experience to try something new while you can.

They travel to new places to compete and it is a good way to discover new places and also get closer to your team members and the SHHS community and all the amazing people in it, you can never know if you like something unless you try it and the dance team is a great foundation to see what you are interested in and what. you like to spend time doing.

The team has gone to places even if they don’t have a competition they spend time together and get closer ‘they have dance conventions and banquets that they go to altogether.

The old team members have highly recommended to try it if interested.