Concussion Aviation

What football players do to prevent against concussions and help protect themselves


Tayler Sewick, Staff

 Head aching, hands are shaking, the pain is violent. The next moment your falling into darkness and no way out of the pain in their head. That is what it looks like when you don’t get the concussion protocol. no one wants to know the pain of an unchecked concussion when they are in a sport or an in-school activity.

 Kyler Parks said, “We are as ready as we’ll ever be for the season we just really hope no one gets hurt because a couple of us got hurt last year”. This is important to the team because they are working on not getting hurt, unlike last year the team didn’t focus on it that much.

  A senior Chase Lyons, said “The season is a learning experience and if they are to make it back to the playoffs again they would need to get better at not getting injured during the games such as concussions.” The team lost good players at bad times last year and this they plan to be better to prepare for the game conditions.

  Obie Sanni  said, “If we are to make it through the season as well as last year we need to execute every little mistake that we made last year, some of which cost us, good players.” This is important to the team that all of the players are work even harder than last year to get prepared for the chances of injury in the game.

The entire team is ready for the season and they have fixed some of the major problems they had last year and they expect a lot fewer injuries this then the last season. the team believes that the season is not going to know what is coming until it does.