Coming To An End

Finishing up the school year.


Alexandra Lopez, Staffer

The 2021-2022 school year is finally coming to an end. For seniors, graduation is right around the corner. It’s such a special event that only comes once. And well for the rest of us, we’ve finished another year. All of the late-night studies, extra time, & lingering feeling about assignments,  is almost over.

Around the end of every year, it gets emotional for everyone. Growing as people & accomplishing goals never thought possible is a big achievement. Seniors at this time, are figuring out the next big steps for their futures.

“I plan to work over this summer and save up for college,” Jhohaivis Madrital (12) said. “Hopefully, go on some hiking trips and camping because I’ve been inside for who knows how long, and in September I head up to Idaho to go to BYU to study.”

During the final weeks of school, taking the time to celebrate personal successes is important. Whether academically or personally. Reflect on the past 10 months & Make peace with what isn’t working

Along the way, there were ups and downs. Focusing on the bright side of this academic school year, so many opportunities were introduced since the downfall of COVID.

“I guess my favorite part was, setting up my future plans on going to college to study psychology. And just having that plan for something bigger really helps me get through this year and all of these tests,” Madrital said.

Being in a pandemic was hard and took a toll on everyone. But, students & staff are fishing another year stronger than before, ready to overcome anything that comes their way.

“I’m a little sad. This is probably the most normal year I’ve had since sophomore year. So I feel like there was a big chunk in between that was a blur, but I’m really glad that COVID cleared up and I’ve been able to go to activities and stuff and it just, it feels good that things are back to normal. I just wish I had more time.”