Close To Done

surviving finals


Alexandra Lopez, Staffer

 In the blink of an eye, we’ve made it to the end of another school year. However, it is still needed to pass finals week. 

Fighting to acquire the cap of intelligence & diploma of freedom, all of this year’s hard work is about to pay off. Starting next week on Monday will be 4g through 2g. On Tuesday students will enter their 1g class working backward until 3g. And finally, on Wednesday students will only go to their 1 and 2r.

Organizing and keeping a healthy schedule to study for these upcoming tests is very beneficial.

Freshman IB student Natalya Roman said, “I plan on studying every night for at least 30 minutes each night for the next day of finals getting. As well as eating healthily and getting rest.”

Wake up! It’s the last week of school. Put in the effort to get those scores up & assignments turned in. Lovers come and go, your grades are forever.

“I make time to study and do assignments,” Roman said. “If in on the phone with my friend’s I’ll talk to them, while doing my work, and my mom. She’s a big part of giving me motivation. As well as my teachers. So I think I have that extra push on and off-campus.”

It’s hard being so close to the end of the year, with the desire to hang out with friends & make great memories aching, boiling, itching, circling every day. But, trusting that giving up time to work on academic work, will be very helpful in the end.

“Try your best for finals obviously study, but don’t stay up till one because you have to balance out you’re your sleep schedule because sleep is also what’s going to help you throughout the day and throughout taking the tests.”