Challenges Involved With Remote Learning

As Covid-19 cases rise, and schools are starting to have a shortage of staff.


Dana Mohamed, Staffer

“Just for, as far as I know, stay on top of things. Don’t let it build up because when you don’t have somebody there on a daily basis to encourage you, it can get overwhelming and Just remember, we’re all in this together. It’s hard for everybody. So give yourself some patience and grant yourself some grace and do the best you can. That’s all we can do,” Mary Zang said. 

Zang has experience from online teaching and faced difficulties, she’s speaking from personal experience. What we have all experienced as students can be said or viewed differently from a teacher’s point of view. 

”Panic, I don’t know if we’re in a remote learning situation, we know what to do. Honestly, I think that some students would have a hard copy of a textbook like for my class, they wouldn’t. So I think if that were to happen, you know, you would maybe hope that they have notes to review or something like that, but that would be really challenging for the students,” Zang said.

This has been a huge issue in online learning, when the internet is down students can’t reach teachers and teachers can’t reach students. Zang mentioned if a student has a textbook that they can study from if the internet happens to have problems, just so that the students don’t fall behind.

“It’s just the same, you know, it’s gonna depend on teachers but like, a lot of the stuff for my class would be based on assessments. And then it is kind of hard though when you’re submitting things online, but for other classes, you know, like English or whatever, I’m assuming they would be able to grade from a Google Doc or something like that. But it works. It works pretty much the same. The only difference is you just don’t have that face-to-face instruction. We don’t want to go back to not having that, but we might have to,” Zang said.

This is how grading works for as far as Zang mentioned so for the grading part it’s almost the same thing but the difference is that it isn’t face-to-face communication, which kind of makes it harder for students to understand, that’s why pay close attention so that you clearly understand.

“It was harder to do the assignments and to do the homework because we had to stay on the video call for an online class and it was hard to go back and forth,” Anaya Lopez (9) said.

This on the other hand is a student perspective on online school/ remote learning. Anaya thinks that having to go back and forth between classes and the actual assignments can get really tiring, Anaya is also speaking from personal experience she had 1 ½ school years online. “I usually email them on Schoology or I just go to their class and wait and ask them there,” said Lopez.