CCSD cutting down on breakfast times

Breakfast times being cut are impacting students at school


Simone Van de Sande, Staffer

The Cherry Creek School District (CCSD) is cutting down on students’ breakfast times down by two hours.

Since this new school year, breakfast was cut from being able to get breakfast at the latest time of 11:15 to it being 9;30 as the latest time to get breakfast. Many students find this unfair, while some staff are all here for it.

A former teacher at Smoky Hill High School, Kathleen Sheil believes breakfast being later was kids last priority as Sheil states, “breakfast seemed to be sort of the kid’s last priority,” she also states, “I didn’t like that it was open into a significant part of first hour, so kids felt like it was appropriate and okay to go down into the lunch room to get breakfast,”.

According to  Sheil, she felt that breakfast being later was a big distraction to her and her students. Sheil felt that breakfast fed a lot into her first period and got distracting for other students when kids would constantly be asking to go get breakfast.

Student Michael Amoh Frimpong normally gets breakfast in the mornings “on the days they have cinnamon rolls”, as he states normally only asking his language arts teacher. Frimpong states, “Well if  I would have kept asking her on a daily basis then yes, she would get annoyed at me and ask me to stop asking,”.

From Frimpong’s perspective, he believes that kids asking every day constantly if they could go get breakfast would be annoying to teachers.  And after a while would get annoying for students to have to keep asking.

“Breakfast moving moves the times that a lot of kids are in the lunch waiting to get breakfast,” according to Elise, a former member on the lunch staff. Many students now come around 8:45 while last year many came later on. Elise says that in the past year there were 250+ kids for breakfast while this year there were 200-205 at most.

This is a big impact on students who get breakfast. Many students such as Frimpong have said, “When I don’t have enough time to go get breakfast, I normally skip it,”. This is the case for multiple students today. Breakfast being cut earlier is effecting many high school students and them not getting enough to eat during the day.