New CCSD Graduation Requirements

What Next For The Cherry Creeks High Schools

New CCSD Graduation Requirements

Tayler Sewick, Staffer

Life beyond high school is different from what it used to be. Over 74% of jobs in Colorado now and in the future require training or education after high school. 

Students who graduate and work in Colorado will need real world skills to secure a job. in addition to the WPS Graduation Requirements. These added requirements will start with the class of 2021. In response, the WPS School Board formally adopted a lot of options for the students of our district. Chloe Long said “that the new requirements can be good and beneficial or bad for students”.

 These options provide many ways students can demonstrate they are ready for graduation. The proper academic level for graduation include earning an SAT score of 470 or above in English language arts and a 500 in math. “That the schools are preparing us for a world that is already failing so we need to be better than the past generations,” said Dylan Grace. 

A couple of other reasons why they added new requirements is because to many students leave high school with little to no knowledge on how to manage their money. Counselors work with each student every year to make sure that the required courses and credits are scheduled to be taken in time for graduation and align with each students Individual Career and Academic Plan. They can help with managing money outside of their previous school life.