Become a successful student during this crisis

How to be a successful student during the shutdown and how many countries are affected by this crisis

Krystal Grider, Staffer

You can be a successful student by continuing to have motivation to want to finish out this year, regardless of what’s going on. According to Forbes, “twenty six countries, including Japan, Italy, China, France and Iran, have shut schools nationwide. As a result, it is estimated that nearly 377 million children are missing school.” Students at home can no longer depend on the external structure provided by school and we must learn how to manage our own time as we begin online courses. We have to make a schedule for us so we can stay on track. Yes this is definitely a bump in the road but we will get through this whether we go back to school or not. Learning to make the most of the twenty four hours in a day and to be productive in a timely manner is a valuable skill. 

Right now this is our time to start practicing how to balance everything like a college student. I try to balance at least 3-4 of my classes each day. It’s easier to get everything done then you can have time to do other things. It’s important to maintain routines. Forbes also said, “the end result will not only be improved academic skills like writing and research, but also increased self-awareness and intellectual curiosity.” We might as well use this time to prepare for the next step in our educational journeys. By the time this is all done we will be better scholars. There are also ways to get a hold of your teachers, if you are confused ask them don’t be hesitant to ask. I wake up in the morning, get my bowl of cereal, get my computer started and start my day.