Auto SkillsUSA

Loralee Bandy, Staffer

Smoky’s school chapter of auto SkillsUSA is kicking off this year. Co-president junior Steven Deyulia is working to lead the group of officers and keep on track with fundraisers as well as competitions. Already, the club is preparing for its first competition.

“It’s a long period, so we have a few months before the actual competition,” states Deyulia.  “Technically, you have to build from scratch your chapter display. We usually get second place.”

For the competition, the group must meet certain requirements for the chapter display, such as specific dimensions the display must have. Often times, the display is a cut-away engine that’s for learning purposes. Smoky’s chapter normally wins second place.

“I think I’m getting the vibe from my team officers that we want to go for a win,” Deyulia describes. “I know we can take the win at state level, and I really want to go for that this year.”

Deyulia loves being a part of SkillsUSA and supports what it does. He thinks what they do in Smoky’s chapter is fun and exciting, particularly the competitions. They have about three competitions each year.

“I really want to be a part of the competitions and part of the school,” explains Deyulia. “It’s a wonderful and really cool experience. You get to go places. I’m really excited.”

Deyulia is looking forward to the year that lays ahead for SkillsUSA. He claims that it will be different from the past, focusing on going for the win as well as possibly incorporating Mr. Cornell’s 3D graphics chapter. Deyulia also supports the various categories of which SkillsUSA has.

“They [SkillsUSA] really bring out the best of what America has got,” Deyulia proclaims. “They take the brightest and best skills and showcase them…If you do really well, they’ll want to hire you.”