Attractive People Have More Advantages

Can you be more successful if you are better looking

Mona Jabr, Editor, Website Manager

On a typical movie night with my family, comes up a topic of attractiveness and the advantages of being “good-looking”, is it truly better to be hot? If you think about, in high school being considered  as popular includes the good looks.

Makeup and nice clothes are eye catching to the public, when one sees a girl looking nice and taking care of how she looks; she is immediately more likable. According to a post on 94% of women feel much more comfortable wearing makeup.

Attractive people often get showered with compliments about how beautiful they are, therefore causing the public to like them because they are beautiful, for their looks not for who they actually are.

Can you be more successful if you are better looking? On average, attractive people earn 3 or 4 percent more than people with below average looks. That is nowhere near fair.

If I walked in for a job interview with a face full of zits,  bad eyebrows, no makeup on and besides me there was a young lady with a full face of makeup, not one zit to be seen, beautiful looking skin and perfect eyebrows…she is more likely to get the job.

At school, a girl using expensive makeup products and dressing in more expensive clothing is more looked up upon than the typical girl walking down the hall. While the boy with expensive shoes and more a modern car plus the blue eyes is seen to be more attractive than the boy with brown eyes and glasses.

There is nothing wrong with looking like my actual self, I do not mind people seeing me without makeup on and clothes of high prices, in the end that is how I actually look like.

In today’s society, people look at someone’s physical appearance before anything else, attractive people certainly do have more advantages.