AP Testing

Some students take their first AP test within the past week

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AP Testing

Tyler Dortch, Tracy Johnson, Staffer

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With the school year coming to an end, AP testing begins. Last week, the first week of testing began with tests such as the AP Government and Politics test.  This week was the AP Human Geography test, for many students, mostly freshmen, the AP Human Geo test was their first interaction with AP testing and the style of it.

Peter Alisky, 9, said, “I thought the AP test [Human Geography], at least for the multiple choice section, was a little harder than the practice tests we’ve been taking.” This wasn’t the first interaction Alisky had with AP testing though, as a week before he had taken the AP Government and Politics test.

The AP tests cost $90 each, as they’re proctored by the College Board. The tests are scaled from 1-5, 1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest. 5’s are the hardest to get by a long shot. The AP testing lasts two weeks in May.

“I took the AP Government and Politics test the week before, and I thought the Government quiz was easier than the practice ones, unlike Human Geo,” said Alisky. Peter has taken 2 AP tests, and is in the IB program.

AP teacher, Mrs Sheil said, “Students should sit for the AP test, as it is good practice for tests they’ll take in college.” Sheil taught the AP Human Geography course this year, and encouraged her students to take the AP test, as for most of them, it’ll be their first AP test.

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