AP Testing Season

Next week starts the 2021-2022 AP Testing


Aubree Maxfield

Aubree Maxfield, Staffer

Beginning next week, the Cherry Creek School District will be having it’s 2021-2022 AP exams. The testing will last two weeks and is a place where students who signed up can test to see if they’re eligible for college credit.

There are different times each test is held.

“I’m taking the AP government test next Monday at 8:00,” Williams said.

Students don’t have to be in AP to take the test. IB students can sign up as well.

“They want to take the AP test,” Mr. Speidel, an IB Environmental teacher said. “I think at most I had about five. Usually, I’ll have one or two every year this year, but I have none.” 

Not all topics on AP tests are the same as IB topics.

 “The IB test is an essay test. And it’s more about social studies and science mixing,” Speidel said. “Whereas the AP exam is very much like a chemistry-based class. And so, they’re very different. Generally, what I see is people that take AP tests don’t quite do as well.”

AP students, although enrolled in the class, do not have to sign up for the AP test if they do not want to. This makes the class a little more flexible. IB students don’t have to sign up either, it’s just a way to earn college credit.

According to the Cherry Creek School District, AP testing starts next Monday, May 3rd, and lasts till Thursday, May 12, 2022. Most days will hold a morning test, starting at 8:00 am, and an afternoon test at 12:00 pm. The first test this year will be US Government and Politics, and the last test will be Physics 1 Algebra-based. Make ups will be Tuesday May 17 through Friday May 20. Good luck to all AP and IB students testing.