AP Exam Pricing

Is the Cost Worth It?

Once again, the time for AP registration has rolled in. The deadline for Advanced Placement exam registration is 4:00 PM Friday, Jan. 30. Registration can be completed through Naviance. The AP payment, or cost for the exam, without a $10 late fee is due by 6:00 AM Monday, Feb. 2. However, this year the cost for one AP exam is $91.00.

The AP exam cost has increased from $89.00 last year, which was already on the more expensive side, to $91.00 this year. This means that a student taking four AP courses this year will have to pay $364.00 for just the tests. The price seems slightly ridiculous for a few packets of paper, but there are other factors to consider as well.Capture

A lot of effort is put into creating, transporting, and grading the AP exams. Also, AP classes are college-level courses. The same course in college can cost a couple thousand dollars, while an AP exam, at less than one hundred dollars, can earn students the same college credit. In the long run, AP exams can actually save a person money.

Still, some students and families might want to avoid the annoying price of AP Exams. If money is truly an issue, there is still hope. Students on Free and Reduced Lunch can get a price reduction for the tests.

If anyone has questions about AP registration or financial assistance for the cost, they can contact Mrs. Susan Connally in the Post Grad Center or at [email protected]