A Pocketful of Phone Cases is a Pocketful of Personality. 

Phone cases reflect our personality


Morgan Bertsch, Staffer


It seems like everyone now has a phone, and a case to go with it. The only thing that people need to look out for when finding their perfect case is how reflects their personality. 


The main thing to look for when shopping around for a phone case is color. Look for something you like, a favorite color always works best. Once you know what you are looking for in this department the next thing to look for practicality and personality. 


Some phone cases have pockets in them for students who want to have a personal wallet with them at all times. This is not only a cute and cool option, but it also works really well. Another thing you can do is get a phone case that has glitter inside of it for fun so that way you’re never bored at school, and of course there is always the option of getting a bland phone case with a nice Pop Socket to make it unique. 


Studies say that people who have phone cases that bright and colorful are more likely to be kind and happy when around other, while people who have phone cases that are black are more practical and have a dark side to them that can also enjoy life to its finest. Then there are other people who choose their phone cases based on what they like, these people are fun loving and tend to stick to what they know best. 


The point is that a phone case is special and it shows people who are, so make sure to look for something special that expresses yourself to the fullest. Just as long as you like the phone case nothing else matters and that’s what really counts, because it is your phone and your phone case.