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Viral TikTok Challenge Encourages Students to Steal Things from School

Faculty and Staff at SHHS are now being Required to Lock or Shut Down Bathrooms because of the So-Called "Devious Lick."

October 10, 2021

A new TikTok challenge is quickly sweeping across the internet, and students’ reaction to it is driving a lot of SHHS faculty mad. The challenge, known as the “Devious Lick,” is a challenge first put out on the social media platform by user jugg4elias on September 1, 2021. The challenge is a dare openly encouraging kids to steal property from their schools. Kids all over the USA are getting arrested for charges ranging from public vandalism to theft to defacement of public property. All of this is due to the Devious Lick TikTok trend.

SHHS bathrooms are constantly getting soap dispensers stolen out of them. Classrooms are repeatedly getting posters, desks, and even entire Chromebook carts taken from them. The challenge is getting way too out of hand, it’s got to the point of the restrooms getting locked 15 minutes before the end of the day. Many students are probably unaware of the fact that they are old enough to be charged as an adult in court.

When interviewed about her opinion on the matter, SHHS Dean Rachel Brown said, “From what I’ve heard about this challenge, it sounds to me like students are being encouraged to either steal or vandalize things at their schools, both of which are against school policies and can come with a punishment of up to five days suspension, depending on what they steal.” Brown continued by saying, “Plus, if a student steals or breaks something that’s over a certain price, they could be referred to the school resource officer, who may or may not refer them to the Police Department and charge them with vandalism or theft.”  However, others are suffering at the expense of this ridiculous challenge and are not taking it kindly.

Take SHHS Head Principal Chuck Puga, for example. When asked for his opinion, he replied, “I think it’s stupid for students to be stealing and vandalizing school equipment. It’s not funny, It’s not necessary, and It’s not cool.” Puga went on to say, “This is costing schools a significant amount of money. If a student sees someone trying to steal or vandalize something, It would be great if they would report that to the Deans’ Office, so that it can be investigated. I would also say that if you’ve stolen something already, please turn yourself in, it would help us tremendously to stop this ridiculousness.”

Teachers, along with some students at SHHS are taking this very seriously. If you see a theft in progress or see someone trying to vandalize something, please report it to the Deans’ Office immediately. This is a huge problem. If you like having freedom at school, help put a stop to this stupidity. SHHS students and staff need your assistance.

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