World Awareness

Students talk about their cultures and ethnicities.

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World Awareness

Kailen Theel, Staffer

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Smoky Hill is a very diverse school, so many different ethnicities and cultures attend our school. Although, with the many diverse cultures, there are still closed minded students  and parents. It is important that everyone gets to share their culture and who they are, and feel that they are accepted by everyone. On March 22 and 23, students can talk about their culture and where they come from.

With over thousands of ethnicities, there are still people who have very different opinions about people who aren’t them.

“Having a more diverse world is getting more popular, it is going to help with better communication in the world and more friendship around the world” Freshman Luke Johannes said.

Johannes knows that once we become open minded, is when the world becomes closer togetherA part of becoming a more united world is learning what each culture does on a regular basis.

“I feel like it is good to know what people go through on a daily basis, like what they believe in and how they think” Jose Blea said.

Blea would want to talk about his family background, and where they come from.

The world is filled with so many different cultures and ethnicities, but sometimes people can’t see what they love to do. Listening to students talk about their culture and background can help make Smoky Hill a more diverse and open-minded school.  



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