What’s Happening in our world?

10 people were shot and 4 fatally at a backyard football game.

What's Happening in our world?

Krystal Grider, Staffer

  There has been a lot of shootings around the world and this one stood out to me, there was a backyard football watch party in Fresno, California.

”10 people were shot and 4 fatally. Here is what the police had to say about what happened. A group of family and friends were gathered in a backyard Sunday to watch a football game when two gunmen sneaked into the yard and began shooting, killing four young men and wounding six others.

The Fresno Police Department is concerned that someone might now seek to retaliate and is establishing an Asian Gang Task Force that will aim to snuff out any further violence. Police Chief Andrew Hall said, “Though he could not confirm the shooting was gang related, he said his investigators were not ruling it out.” 

     About 30 people, including several children who were inside the home, were attending the party when the suspects [who remain on the loose] began shooting into the crows, according to the police. “The witnesses described only seeing flashes of light from the weapon, as it was too dark on that side of the house to see the suspects,” he said. The shooting was not random, however, the chief said. The shooters were targeting someone at the residence who had been “involved in a disturbance” last week, Hall said without elaborating. First responders arrived at the home around 8pm after receiving multiple 911 calls and found “three people down” and several suffering gunshot wounds, Fresno Deputy Police Chief Michael Reid said. Officers immediately began performing CPR.

    According to an article published by CNN reporters Hollie Silverman, Alta Spells and Eliott C. McLaughlin, Capt. Anthony Martinez of the Frezno Police said,“I had two of my officers that were covered in blood and actually had to be decontaminated, go shower and change their uniforms based on what they landed in and were trying to fix,” said Capt. Anthony Martinez  Three were pronounced dead at the scene, while a 40 year old was taken to Community Regional Medical Center, where he died in surgery,” Hall said.

All of these shootings have to stop it goes from one state to the next and it hasn’t stopped. What if one of the children would of been shot, I just wouldn’t believe it. People have family and loved ones and people who are hurting them thinks oh its okay and doesn’t think about the consequences or whats gonna happy when they get caught they just think that because they haven’t gotten caught yet they think they wont get caught. Even if that person has brought you wrong does not make it right to hurt them or their loved ones.