Ugh! So Many Calls.

All of these late problems are not only causing problems for students and parents, but also for the attendance office.

Ugh! So Many Calls.

Hailee Ruelas, staffer

    Even though she’s scheduled to come into school at 7:15, she arrives at 6:30 to respond to the hundreds of phone calls from parents. Late busses have made Karen Jenkin’s  job almost twice as hard as it should be. As tension and frustration rises in the attendance office. There is a need to find a solution for students and parents to become stress-free to create a more positive environment in the attendance office. Parents have left phone calls that sound, “Extremely irritated and unable to get a hold of transportation,” she says.

    To continue, parents are calling her and making her the “receiver of all the complaints,” she is unable to help these parents because she has no control over these buses. Also, she experiences a lack of communication from transportation as much as everyone else. It has made her job, “overwhelming,” she expresses.

    Furthermore, it is the districts and transportation’s job to fix our transportation issues, but it is also crucial that they should communicate to the school what they are doing to fix the issue. If our school had more information about what was happening, parents would have all the information they need and would not have to call in every time the bus does not come to get their kid. Ms. Jenkins had an idea from what we could do to relieve the minds of parents, and she said we could have, “better communication to the parents and communication from the school, paper or email, verifying what the student is saying is correct.”

    In conclusion, our parents should not be calling the attendance office about the buses and their frustrations about these situations that our school has no control over. When we need to call about our transportation, we need to contact, “Transportation, maybe even district level, our principle has no say over that and these should be made as quickly as possible, ” Jenkins said.