The busses at Smoky had been Late

Austin Huntsman, Staff

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The students watch the sunrise get dressed, head to the kitchen to get some breakfast, head out the door they walk to the bus stop when the bus is not there at 7:45, Stomach starts the ache they start to shake being scared that they are late busses get there 8:10 10 minutes late that  make the teachers think that there bad students but there good students and they want to show that but the busses aren’t helping.

“No comment from the distract hope there will be a comment from the distract,”Abbe Smith said.

 The Bus #333 has been almost late everyday it’s sad to see the kids come in here upset and there head down and then they walk in the class and have to go to the teacher hear the instructions over again and get to work.

Hailey Page said,”My bus 333 is late everyday and it makes me feel upset and it’s hard for me to get her work done when she gets in class at 9:05 am.” 

Busses are even late when school is over its pretty sad to say that a bus is late here to school in the morning and the evening busses seem to be late everyday at 3:30 and then parents be calling worrying and wont get home until 4:30.

Mark Moots said, “Where short on bus drivers we are 80 bus drivers short where just trying to do the best we can we would like to apologize for how late we are we are doing the best we can.”

Basically what the distract could do is try to hire some more people if they are 80 short on bus drivers its sad to say but there gonna be late they are trying to be on time everyday “UGH LATE AGAIN #333 has been late since school started the bus drivers are doing the best they can to be on time its just so hard if they are 80 short I know I wouldn’t be able to make all stops on time its just what it is,”said Moots.