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To Be Responsible or Not To Be

How to be a responsible student or athlete

Heidi Thompson-Brown, staffer

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Many students aspire to be sucessful in school whether it is by getting good grades, being an all star athlete or being involved in the school such as clubs and in school activites.  Everyone has a different perspective and opinion on what a sucessful student is, Seniors Lauryn Marshall and Colton Storm, and counselor Craig Quintana express what a sucessful student is to them.

”Working hard and being driven to do what you need to do to be successful in their classes. I feel like a sucessful student studies, pays attention in class and basically just does their work,”  Marshall said.

Quintana said, “I always tell students that I think one of the most important skills that they can leave Smoky Hill with is the ability to advocate for themselves. What Quintana means by students advocating for themselves is by asking for help when they are strggling in a course. Students should go see a teacher during an off period or after class to become sucessful within that class. What he is saying is that students should be responible for their grades.

Storm agrees with Marshall and believes that a sucessful student pays attention in class and does their work, “Someone who studies and goes to class, who does their homework and is studious, “ said Storm.

Teachers usually have 100 or more students every year, and because of this it is hard for teachers to differentiate each lesson to fit every students learning ability.  This is the reason why it is best for a student to ask for help when ever it is possible.

Storm highly advises students to ask questions and turn in work whether it is on time or late.

Quintana suggests students to take advantage of the new tutoring center at Smoky when they are in need of help for a specific subject. He also suggests to learn how to manage your time  and to take notes in class.

The tutoring center is located up stairs by the science classrooms, teachers who teach different subjects are available in the center.

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To Be Responsible or Not To Be