Tips for Getting Grades up for Parent Teacher Conferences

Don’t be that poor, unfortunate kid that get’s yelled at for having bad grades.

Nisha Razack, Editor

Parent teacher conferences will be held on March 21st from 4:00-7:30 pm. 

  1. Make a list of all missing assignments and all current assignments. Organize them by class. Under each class, try to do three assignments from the missing assignments list and then do current assignments so you can get more done.
  2. Go in for extra credit: Even if students have all missing assignments in, grades still might be a little low. So talk to your teachers about what you can do. Do some extra credit to give you an extra boost.
  3. Get some tutoring: See when your teacher or other teachers in that subject have off and go in for some extra help. Your teacher might also give you some extra credit on an assignment for the extra effort. Teachers really appreciate that kind of stuff.
  4. Don’t tune out during class: Tuning out during class basically means you missed a lesson. You won’t know what to do for homework and chances are that you will blow off classwork that is worth POINTS. It’s basically missing a day. Not only are you wasting your time but your teachers time. Which leads me to my next point..
  5. STOP ditching: Self explanatory.

I hoped these helped.