The Push Back of Winter Break

Have you noticed anything different this year?


Photo Credits: Desire' Young

Desire' Young, Staffer

Last year’s winter break started on Dec. 20th, 2021 – Jan. 4th, 2022. This year it starts on Dec. 23th, 2022- Jan. 9th 2023. The date of changes has surprised most of the students since this year we get out 2 days before Christmas.

“It was a strange choice because a lot of people leave during that week and travel,” Logan Rector (12) said.

When asked about the disadvantages and advantages of our new winter break Rector couldn’t think of anything mentioning how.

“The closer you get to Christmas the harder it is to get out. You can’t really balance school and your life as well when that time is taken away.”

“Several years ago, the district shifted school back a week because of parent and guardian feedback and the district has also made a commitment to families to try and do a better balance of the semester and finals before winter break. We then created the schedule for this year and incorporated those important commitments,” Lauren Snell said, public information officer of the Cherry Creek School District. 

“I think that it shouldn’t be pushed back because it only leaves 3 days until Christmas so if I were traveling I would have to miss my finals or take them earlier. It would be too stressful,” Lillian Grimble (10) said, “I would like to have more time to shop for Christmas.”

The pushback of winter break has both positive and negative benefits from Snell mentioning how your semesters need to be balanced contrasting with Rectors and Grimble statements of how it would be difficult for people who are traveling or need more time for holiday shopping.