The IB Personal Project

What is all involved with MYP personal projects and what do students need to know.

Jackie Revollar, Staffer


“So I would say don’t let the bill of the time commitment stop you because if you love it, time is no big deal. Right? If you get to do something you’re passionate about, then the time you spend on it will just be a joyful time. It won’t feel like work.” MYP personal project coordinator Jen Radosevich said.

Deadlines for the IB personal project are rapidly approaching this coming Monday, the 17th. The IB personal project is a chance for students in the MYP program to research and explore a topic of their choice. Students have a five-month time period to complete the project and turn their work in.

“And then once the 17th happens, we turn in photos and evidence that we did the project. And then after that, we have to write an essay about our project and that will be due later on this year.” sophomore Alexis Murphy said.

The MYP personal project is a great learning experience that teaches students various useful learning skills that can be utilized in the future. It encourages students to step out of their comfort zone and try new and different strategies.

 “I think it helps in a lot of ways. It helps them with the organization. It helps with time management, it helps with communication.” Radosevich said. “They have to communicate with adults as well as their family to coordinate schedules.”

The opportunity of being able to learn about something of your choice that you enjoy for school is not something that everyone gets.

“And you get to do a deep dive into something really cool, which I think is pretty amazing. Like if somebody had told me as a high school student, you can get credit for doing a project about anything, that would have been super exciting.” Radosevich said.