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The Effects of the Government Shut Down

How long can it last?

Kailen Theel, staffer

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Circulating the news lately has been the fact that the government will shut down. The government shutting down will have huge effects on organizations such as DACA, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and Disaster relief. The organizations that are considered non essential services will be closed.


The reason the government will be shut down is congress had till Jan.19 of this year to pass a spending bill.The spending bill is what determines the government’s budget and spending for the fiscal year. The organizations being closed over this time isn’t the only concern for citizens, the inability for the government to agree on funding themselves is a much larger concern, because it means shutting the government down again ins in the foreseeable future.


What it could mean for DACA or CHIP is that they be shut down. Another bill was put forward giving CHIP another six years, but leaving Dreamers in the dust. It could also mean letting almost a million government worker off while the government is shut down, except for security and law enforcement. It could also cost the government billions of dollars.


The shutdown’s length is hard to figure out now, but the longest lasted three weeks and the shortest lasted one day. The last time the government shut down was in 2013 over Obamacare and lasted sixteen days.


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The Effects of the Government Shut Down