The Covid School Year Starts to Wrap Up

With the end of an unusual year, what is the importance of traditions?


Students pictured signing the Post Grad wall.

With the numerous schedule changes this past year, students haven’t had an opportunity to feel comfortable. The rapid changes have forced students, especially seniors, to adapt and mature at rates never seen before.

Whether they graduated early, pick up more hours at a part-time job, or lower extracurricular commitments, the range of student experiences and perspectives is much wider.

Despite the numerous health concerns relating to COVID-19, hallmarks of senior year such as the wall signing and prom are reappearing. Lydia Shimiles, a student government senior, believes that

“There is power in moments like these. Our goal in student government is to create moments like graduation and prom for students to remember their high school experiences. In a way, it recognizes their hard work over the past four years.”

This sentiment, both inside and outside of StuGo prompted the shift to normalcy made by the administration. However, this sudden change doesn’t account for the months of isolation felt by many students.

As the rest of student government and Shimiles understand this sentiment, they still hope to deliver these experiences.

“Despite how different it is, at least we are doing something that we hope seniors will enjoy.”

As the threat posed by COVID-19 isn’t likely to disappear by the next school year, Student Government and school administration are working together to ensure a relatively normal experience for the class of 2022.

“Class of 2021 understood the value of each moment and everything associated with senior year. But, they never had the opportunity to truly enjoy them. It won’t be the same for a while, but the class of 2022 will be able to enjoy some long-standing traditions while also using their experiences to create new traditions.”