Summer Credit Options for SHHS Students

Credit recovery for SHHS students during the summer will be held both online, and in person

If any student is stressing out about grades in school right now, they might be thinking to themselves, “I wish there was some way to get the info I need to raise my grades.” This article will give out information on summer credit recovery options, locations, times, dates, and whatever else there might be. No one wants to have to take classes during summer vacation. Sometimes, though, it can be good for students, especially teenagers to learn something new every once in a while, even during the summer. So, while summer school might not be fun, it does stimulate the human mind.

To get started, students should know that it is not required to be on a physical school campus for credit recovery and that there is the option to do it online if there’s a feeling of uncomfortability coming to the campus. This summer, there will be three options for credit recovery. One option is to do it on campus at Overland High School during June, the second option is to make it up on campus at Grandview High School during June, and finally, the last option is to go online at Elevation High School during June. Specific dates can be found by clicking on a link on the SHHS Homepage.

Robert Kennedy is the SHHS Counseling Coordinator. “Whenever a student asks me about credit recovery options, I tell them that there is a link attached to a PDF on the school’s homepage, but it all depends on what options work best for them,” said Kennedy. Students should always keep their counselor in the loop when in regards to grades and credit. “I always tell students that they should talk to their counselor before signing up for credit recovery, whether that should be summer school, online classes, or anything else. It is vitally important to let their counselor know before they do anything,” said Kennedy

“If they don’t know who their counselor is, then they should go to Ms. DiBlasi, the counseling office assistant, who will direct them to their assigned counselor,” said Kennedy. Another way students can find out which counselor they have is to go onto the SHHS Website, click on the tab that says “Our School,” and then click on the section titled “Counseling.” Counseling is the best option, so don’t hesitate to visit the counseling office and talk about credit recovery with a counselor. The SHHS counselors are here to help students earn their credits so that they can graduate and get their diplomas.

Student who are worried about their grades shouldn’t hesitate to go see their counselor about credit recovery. Students who take advantage of the credit recovery options often end up raising their grades significantly. The higher a student’s grades are, the more options they have when applying for college. “Credit recovery is the ability for a student to earn back a credit in a class they may have failed, and those credits are critically important for the student’s future,” said Kennedy. If a student needs to find out who their counselor is, but doesn’t have time to go to the counseling office, then they can email Ms. DiBlasi at [email protected].