Students Spring Break

What Smoky Hill students did over spring break

Trinity Trietsch, Staffer

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Elise Cook and her family decided to load up the car and head up to Austin, Texas. On their third night, they headed out to go see the water.

Lexi Pruisner celebrated her sweet 16th with family and friends during spring break. Lexi is seen with her friends she met through dance above.

Ellie Virtue and her family decided to pack up and travel to Mexico for Spring break. While there, Ellie saw a beautiful sunset over the palm trees and water.

While in Austin, Elise found a stray cat on the sidewalk and decided to snap a quick picture of it.

Alexus Martinez and her family went to Mexico during spring break just like Ellie did. Above is a photo of the sun setting over the water.

While is Texas, Elise’s family took the opportunity to try many new places like Austin’s very own ‘Oasis’ restaurant.

Once again near the water, Alexis and her family got a shot of the very cloudy sky.

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