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Velencia Covarrubias
Velencia Covarrubias is in her third year of high school and second year of Newspaper. She joined halfway through her sophomore year so she had enough classes but instead of just doing it to get through the year, she found a passion for it. Velencia dreams of going to University of Denver and earning her PHD in psychology. After, she hopes to help troubled children achieve great mental health. One of her favorite things to do on her down time is to draw and write. Since she was a little kid, she loved writing and drawing and dreamed of becoming an author. She even created little hand-made books for her friends and family to read. Although she never gave up on becoming an author, she didn’t focus on it as much when she went to high school. Velencia enjoys all art forms such as acrylic paint, chalks, pastels, charcoals, and pottery. She doesn't have a favorite and chooses a new medium every so often. During her time in Newspaper so far, Velencia has learned to stick to deadlines (even though she's still working on it), to work hard and be dedicated, and lastly to be a great friend and staff member.

Velencia Covarrubias, Staffer

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