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A junior at Smoky Hill, Nafees joined Newspaper this year as a staff member because she wanted to try something new so she can use newspaper as a source of change.  Joining Newspaper gave her writing a meaning and she realized that this was the best decision she could of made. Her biggest issue is with finding a topic and staying to that topic but she is overcoming it with the help of her peers. Newspaper has made her more accepting of critical criticism. She is looking forward to having her first article in the school’s magazine because last year she was inspired and moved by many articles published. When she was younger she used to write pages and pages in her journal because writing is a way of escaping the reality for her. Now, the difference is she gets a grade for her articles. Nafees joined because she wanted to express her voice to the student body at Smoky.

Outside of Newspaper, Nafees is in A.V.I.D, Muslim Society Association, and avidly participates in helping community, and volunteer work. Since she was a little kid she could imagine herself arguing for what she believes in and that is why after high school she would like to pursue a degree in Law and maybe become a Lawyer. In her free time she loves spending time with her family. It is very hard for her to balance, but somehow, she balances school work and family time because she is from a very close family.

Nafees is inspired by the littlest things around her and especially people who she meets. Sometime’s a person she has talked to only for 5 minutes will inspire her to change more than a person she has known for several years. The world is her playground and she is just playing in the sand. Life is extremely short so she does everything she wants to and regrets nothing. Nafees believes that everyday new day is a time to change.

Nafees Abidi, Staffer

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