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Kyle Rolfe
Kyle Rolfe is a junior at Smoky Hill who joined newspaper for his first year and is loving it. Even though it can be a little hard on time and a stressful thing to do he loves keeping up with the latest breaking news global and local. He loves doing interviews and talking to influential people because he likes getting people’s opinions and what people are thinking about. He feels that as long as he is in newspaper he is able to make a difference in global and local issues at Smoky Hill.

In his free time, Kyle likes to spend time with friends, play basketball, make music and much more. Many people say that with Kyle, there is more than what meets the eye, either thinking that he would be really conservative or very outgoing which honestly he is a little of both. He likes to think of himself as a “Jack of all Trades, master of none”.

In the future, Kyle hopes to see himself in a music studio making his own beats and songs. He feels Newspaper can help him achieve his goal because it helps him get peoples opinions on if they like it if they hate it or if something needs change. We all need a plan B and that’s where Newspaper really comes into play, as Kyle would like to be a talk show host one because he loves talking and another because, like I said before, he likes getting people’s insight on things.

Kyle Rolfe, Staffer

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