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Kaylee is a senior at Smoky and has been on staff since her sophomore year. Newspaper has been a big part of her life and cannot imagine life without her newspaper family. She originally joined because her sister asked her to, but now she keeps coming back to hang out with her newspaper family and teach the community about what is going on.

Kaylee’s favorite part about newspaper is the people she gets to meet in the class and while on interviews. She believes that Smoky has a diverse community that is full of stories and people that add richness and color to her life. Newspaper is what gives her access to this community.

Kaylee has learned many new and different lessons in newspaper and has even memorized the First Amendment. Because of newspaper, she feels as though she has a better understanding of her rights and now knows how to write at a higher level. In fact, newspaper has caused her to love English so much, she plans on pursuing a major in English starting next year.

On top of newspaper, Kaylee also participates in the marching band and colorguard, NHS,

Student Advisory Board, and has a job at a pizza place. Kaylee loves to spin her colorguard flag, read books, take pictures, and spend time with her 3 sisters. She wants to continue colorguard through college and become a high school English teacher. Once she is done with high school, Kaylee plans on going to a four year college.

Kaylee Long, Editor

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