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Issac Rodriguez
In his second year in newspaper at Smoky Hill High School, Issac Rodriguez spent a lot of his free time writing stories. His passion for writing is the sole purpose he is in newspaper. Newspaper helps him improve his writing skills. Issac is not the kind of person to put himself out there, expand his perspective on meeting and talking to people. Last year it was much harder to talk to people because it was a new environment and Issac didn’t know anyone let alone interview them for an article. He knows that students can be difficult so he wants to help as best he can.

The reason Issac stayed in newspaper because the atmosphere is always positive and it’s a great working environment. Newspaper helped to make Issac a much better writer and expand his vocabulary. Now an editor he will have the ability to see other students work and make corrections that will help him to see mistakes in his own writing. Issac hopes to be a good editor, so that means he will be able to give good advice that is helpful. Advice that he would like to share is some ideas on how to get more and better quotes.

Outside of class he plays baseball for Smoky Hill High School. Issac spends a lot of time on the field to improve his performance during games. He pitches and plays in the outfield which are important positions in high school. Issac also does archery and still shoots at a distance at or greater than 30 meters using his olympic style recurve.  


Issac Rodriguez, Editor

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