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The student news site of Smoky Hill High School

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Autumn Olson
Autumn Olson, a junior at Smoky HIll High School, best known as AJ, is in her first year in newspaper. Her favorite subject in school is English, she likes it so much that she would like to become an English teacher or continue with journalism when she grows up. She’s in newspaper to not only help others get information about Smoky Hill, but also to help her grow in her vocabulary and help her get to know the many faces of Smoky Hill and their stories. Her favorite color is green because she loves plants and has as many as 10 plants just in her room. She says her dream house would be a cute little blue house with a huge oak tree and a swing on it and lots of pretty flowers in the front. During her free time she likes to listen to music, read or sit down with her family and watch movies. She also enjoys going for walks with her dog and going to loud concerts. She describes herself as a shy person at first, but an easy person to talk to when you need something. She’s also funny and energetic. She says she has got as many as 3 letters from colleges last school year and many emails from colleges for her to play volleyball for their school. She says she would like to get a letter to play for the UCLA volleyball team because UCLA is her dream college.

Autumn Olson, Staffer

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The student news site of Smoky Hill High School