SHHS Art Club

A look into the SHHS Art Club


Members of club working.

Aubree Maxfield, Staffer

Art club, sponsored by Ms. Brown, happens after school every Wednesday from 3;30 to 4:30 in room II-809. This club focuses on investigating many forms of art and helping the community through it too.

“We’re working on a project where we take pictures of orphans that an orphanage sent us and we’re doing art for them, like self-portraits, but for them,” Art club vice president Enrique Brunet said.

The club itself is relatively new. Allowing for more future goals.

“It’s only been here this year,” Secretary Ellie Ray said. “The longer it’s up the more we could do with it, there’s a lot of potential and I think it’s really fun.”

The club has a few leaders, each given a different job. With the president running it.

“I’m really it’s just a lot about managing our relationship as a club to the rest of the school,” Art club president Veronica Keff said. “My job is really just to make sure that things run smoothly so that Ms. Brown isn’t completely overwhelmed.”

Some have big ideas for future club years.

“I hope we can do something more,” Ray said. “Like a big art piece on a wall somewhere.”

The meetings allow creative kids to have fun.

“My hope is to provide a space for creative kiddos that want to form connections with other creative kiddos that they may not have talked with and just to provide a safe space to come in and make art,” Brown said, “Have fun at the end of the day, low pressure.”

The club is very passionate about what they do.

“I think it’s a wonderful group of people,” Keff said, “We are very ambitious and kind of unorganized at times but it’s just a really good passionate group.”

The art club is very welcoming and is there for anyone that needs it.

“I recommend this to anyone who wants to express themselves in any type of medium that they like or just a place to stay here at school if they don’t really want to go home right away,” Brunet said.