Reading and Math Test Scores Drop After Remote Learning

What will we do to get test scores back up to where they were prior to the pandemic?


Michael Keegan, Staffer

Math scores falling in every state and most of it has dropped. Reading scores dropped to 1992 as well. Is it to blame the pandemic or not? Covid-19 was a historical event for the world. This was a major setback for children learning.

When Covid-19 got crazy in the united states was 2020 and this is when the world health organization declared it a global pandemic. So then principals, superintendents, and then governors act to stop the virus spread and close schools across the nation. When schools shifted to remote learning, higher-performing students were far more likely to have reliable access to quiet spaces, computers and help from their teachers, the survey found.

There are students that work better at school and some that work better at home. Is that the reason the test scores dropped cause higher performing students didn’t learn that much while being in remote learning? Were the teachers not helping as much with remote learning and that is why students did not get prepared for these math and reading tests?

The portion of eighth-graders rated proficient or better in math fell to 27 percent, from 34 percent in 2019. Average math scores for eighth grade fell by eight points, from 282 in 2019 to 274 this year, on a 500-point scale, and in fourth grade, by five points the steepest declines recorded in more than a half-century of testing.

People fear that in-school learning would take years-long effort because of how far they are back on what they missed out on while they were in remote learning. Researchers say the reason the students struggled on the test was cause they must have not learned a lot or as well.

We need to find the real reason why students struggled on these tests because this is the future generation of the country and we need to make sure they are having the best learning to do that.