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Pitch Perfection

The last movie in the saga.

Kailen Theel, Staffer

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When Pitch Perfect came out in September of 2012 I never knew that it came out. We originally watched the first one as a family at our home. I got the DVD as a gift for Christmas. My mother and I loved it, while my dad and brother didn’t. We found out that my grandpa also like the movie, so whenever we met we would talk about the next Pitch perfect.

I was really sad that I didn’t get to go see Pitch Perfect 3 opening night on December 22, but I wanted to see it pretty soon. The anticipation got me excited and my mind ran with how the movie was going to be. I had hoped it would be better than the second movie, and When that it could live up to the standards of the first Pitch Perfect.

After I saw it, I knew it was better than the second, and that it could live up to the first. I really enjoyed the music they sang, and had good vocals. The movie was hilarious, and made me laugh so much. I didn’t like how it wasn’t mainly focused on the music, there was another plot that although brought laugh, made no sense. Besides that, it was great that they finished the series off with a bang.

Overall, I would recommend that if you were to go to a movie with some good laughs, Pitch Perfect would be the one. With its humor, music, and characters, it is a great movie to see in theaters.

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Pitch Perfection