People under 16 can get the Covid-19 vaccine


Covid-19 in schools causes a lot of disadvantages for students and staff. Many students have missed out on their learning and social lives. When the Covid-19 vaccine was released, a weight was taken off of people’s shoulders and hope was also given. More and more people are getting their vaccine but some age groups aren’t eligible to get the vaccine due to being under 16. Everyone wants their lives to go back to normal and with the vaccine available that will be more likely to happen.

In the United States, people 16 and over can get the Covid-19 vaccine. Many students in the Cherry Creek School district aren’t above the age 16. In the average high school most students don’t turn 16 until their freshman /sophomore year. Around 1749 students attend Smoky Hill High School. With passing periods, lunches, and full classes it’s hard for students to stay socially distanced. As of February 9, 2021, teachers and staff members in Colorado have been able to get the vaccine, slowing down the spread of the virus.

The COVID-19 vaccine came out a little after a year of the virus being out. “I absolutely support the science behind [it]. Let’s start with, you know, 16 and up and then progress to the lower ages,” Jennifer Stone,Smoky Hill High School nurse, said.

With the vaccine being new there will still be research that needs to be done. Pfizer announced that their Covid-19 vaccine is safe and protected in kids as young as 12 years old. Meaning students 7th grade and up should be able to get vaccinated by the 2021/2022 school year. Some students at Smoky Hill have gotten their Covid-19 vaccine and encourage others to get it as well so we can all stop the spread of Covid-19 and live our normal lives.

According to an email from the superintendent last Friday, vaccines will be available at Smoky Hill High School starting Monday, May 3:

“The district is partnering with Stride Community Health Center to host a series of vaccine clinics for students ages 16 and 17 starting next week at Smoky Hill High School. The clinics will offer the Pfizer vaccine, which is the only vaccine authorized by the FDA for use with people aged 16 and 17. The dates for the vaccine clinics (first dose only) will be May 3, 5, 17, and 19. Second dose appointments are scheduled when students arrive for their first dose.

Appointments are still available. To schedule your student for an appointment at a CCSD/Stride clinic in May (all are at Smoky Hill High School), follow this link: