PE Credits: How Many are Enough


Andrew Guerin, Staffer

Smoky Hill Highschool requires students to get two PE credits by the end of senior year, these credits are earned by participating in PE classes as Smoky or by participating in sports outside of school. Semester-long PE classes are half of the full credit, and one-semester long Health class is advised. In the end, students usually take 3 semesters PE classes for 1.5 credits with one Health or Personal Fitness, or either Contemporary Relations and Foods and Nutrition classes mixed into graduate, yet do students really need this many PE credits?

Smoky Hill requires PE credits to prepare students for entering College which sometimes requires the student to have PE credits in high school, but if students had a choice would they rather raise or lower the number of credits needed to graduate?

Ryan Sandau a sophomore at Smoky Hill said, “I feel like we should have less PE credits because it prevents you from taking the classes you want to take and I feel in high school you should be able to customize your education the way you one to get the job you want and next year I am taking team sports.”

As students progress through their years of Smoky they begin to long to try classes that can help them in their future or interests them, yet should we sacrifice a PE credit to try something new?

Biruk Damte a freshman as Smoky Hill said, “I think we should have more PE credits because usually when you’re at home you’re inside all day on your phone or doing your homework and you don’t have time to be outside and be active. And really schools like an opportunity for you cause usually you’re in class doing work sitting down, PE gives the opportunity to go outside or do sports that you haven’t thought of so it’s like a bridge to new opportunities.”

Both having and not having PE credits give students unique opportunities to learn new things that they would’ve otherwise.

Yosef Tsega who promotes needing more PE credits to graduate is a freshman at Smoky Hill and said, “Having more PE and stuff like that it makes you more active and being more active it helps you  feel kind of better in class and you don’t feel like you’re sleeping or anything like that.”

An article called, “Self-help tips to fight tiredness” on  NHS said, “Even a single 15-minute walk can give you an energy boost, and the benefits increase with more frequent physical activity.”

Exercising can prevent loss of focus on tasks due to being tired by incorporating exercise into a students lifestyle.

Amir Childs a Sophomore at Smoky Hill believes that students don’t need more or less PE credits. He said, “To be honest I’m fairly neutral on it and I feel we are at a good state of PE credits right now you know how actually less PE credits would likely encourage less physical activity with the student and more could make it so that people will lose out on other credits.”

Having less or more mandated PE credits both have their benefits and disadvantages. Should we have more or less? Or keep it the same as it is now?


Check out this article called, “Self-help tips to fight tiredness” by NHS here: