Off Period Wasted

A 90 minute period of time is given to almost every Smoky Hill student.


Dana Mohamed, Staffer

A 90-minute period is given to almost every student, mostly to work on missing work and better their grades; however, this is very rare to find.

“I usually go to my house, I rarely go to the library or the cafeteria but I don’t do anything besides sit on my phone and do nothing,” Trevor Baird (9) said.

usually, the students who actually use this time wisely tend to have better grades and more free time for the rest of their day after school. in addition to that, the students who use this time don’t have to worry about much stuff at the end of the semester but others try to get better grades last minute.

“I feel like my off period is a time for me to relax from teachers and work, like a break if that makes sense,” Baird said.

if you have perfect grades then why not, you can always enjoy your off period, but when you’re struggling and still choose to waste that time then you cant rely on the teachers to pump your grades at the end of the year.

“I’m gonna start working on my grades, but currently I don’t do that,” Darren Yalartai (9) said.

Yalartai mentioned that he currently basically wastes his off period or uses it as a break like most kids at smoky do. But if I’m being honest using your off period wisely can be challenging especially if it’s in the middle of the day, you just feel like you need a break from all the teachers and school work.

“I would advise someone to start working before its too late and go and ask teachers because a lot of people go to them last minute and they will most likely not be available,” Yalartai adds.

The point being is that when you have resource time you can always choose to spend it wisely and it’s never too late to go to teachers and ask for help.