Nominees For Success

A description of the people who've been nominated to receive a Social Studies.

Andrew Guerin, Staffer

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You are known to be mischievous, cunning, slacking, etcetera, so it was normal for you to be pulled out of class and your fellow students either saying, “ooh” or asking what you did. To your surprise you were greeted with candy and a paper that recognizes you for your nomination in receiving a Social Studies award.

In Smoky Hill it is a custom to award a female and male students  a corresponding award for their excellence in a Social Studies classes such as Global Studies, American Government, U.S History, and Economics. They will receive a Globe Award if they are freshman and were recommended by their teachers in Global Studies, the Stars and Stripes award if they are taking U.S History, the Constitution Award if nominated in American Government, and finally they will receive the Adam Smith Cup if they are recommended in Economics. The highest Social Studies reward a student can recieve is the Churchill Cup by maintaining a 4.0 in four year long Social Studies classes. Each person in the grade who’ve been nominated to receive the award will get a candy of their choice and a certificate saying they’ve been nominated.

It is a no brainer that to get an award for Social Studies you must put effort into learning more about a subject, which means that students who love history and put their free time in learning more about it will surely get an award if they’ve dedicated enough time and effort into assignments.

For Sorbie the reason why she likes History goes far deeper than its the easiest class. When asked what she thought of history she stated,” “I was really happy history is my favourite subject…I think it’s important to learn about history, especially American history and what really formed the way we are. And it’s good to appreciate I think a lot of the men who gave their lives so that we could live happy and free and good lives.”

Although liking social studies gives advantages over a student who doesn’t, whoever puts the most effort into their work and class will often be nominated.

Dylan Rehlander whos a junior who’s been nominated for the Stars and Stripes award as well stated, “ My first reaction to receiving the award, was obviously honored to receive it but also kinda surprised cause I didn’t feel like I deserved it”.

Some students are too sincere in their work, and strive for perfection in all assignments in all classes.

Rehlander is one of these outstanding students who strive to do better in everything they do. When asked why he didn’t think he deserved to be nominated for the award he stated, “I didn’t think I deserved it, since overall I think I could of done better in the class more and have assignments turned in on time and more work overall.”

The Constitution Award Nominees: Jia Lin, Amisha Karki, Aya M. Ali, Jamal Clark , Filberth De La Croix, Jasmine Pham, Lara Muehlhoefer, Austin Clark, Jaden Parker, Adaijah Pulliam, Kathryn Fritts, Hassan A. Barek, Sonia Romero, Pavel Dzyachenka, Arissa Petree, Joey Hancock, Isabella Deeds, Eddy Lopez, Jazlin Rodriguez, Isaac Salazar, Sebastian Amaya, Jayla Lindsey, Krizelle Cubos, and Stas Darevskiy.

Stars and Stripes Award Nominees: Abby Peterson, Klorinda Marshall, Logan Joe, David Hoage, Yasmin Ingah, Wesley Keeley, Alicia Bryant, Sean Burds, Breanna Hitt, Brenton Force, Lilli Echols, Brian Pearson, Giovanni Thompson, Kimberly Benner, Abigahil Peterson, Kristine Barnes, Christina Detwiller, Marqus Wright, Hayem Serra, Brenna Sorbie, Dylan Rehlander, Lydia Bennet, Issac Lubega, and Trevor Guerin.

Adam Smith Award Nominees: Isabella Deeds, William Hartman, Vincent King, Athena Mora, Jazlin Rodriguez, Regan Kaluza, Jayden Sanford, Vaneesa R. Gallegos, Jesse Gomez, Alexandria Keita, Sebastian Amaya, Katherine Q. Gomez, Caris Fox, Ralph Odnoralov, Jia H. Lin, Amisha Karki, Kaileas Skinner, Lara Muelhlhoefer, Mathew Lloyd, Jadyn Brieske, Thanh Nguyen. 

The Globe Award Nominees: Maria Hernandez, Abraham D. Solano, Florence Lasuf, Henock Gashaw, Sandra Manueke, Amir Childs, Muhammad Afia, Fariah Nsirat, Kaydence Page, Terrence Marfo, Andrew Guerin, Sydney Borrego, Meliah Rock, Cassie Scott, Eyoel Naizgi, Nekell Lowe, Riley Nations, Ally Pham, Jose P. Hernandez, Brianna Wigginton, Hana Serra, and  Aedan Clifford.

The Churchill Cup Award Nominees: Rehoboth Abera, Molley Coveyduck, Melanie Deeble, Brandon Dilorenzo, Timothy Domashevich, Erin Drumm, Emma Eagan, Aimee Grech, Kyndall Hadley, Mathew Kim, Vickie Liu, Daniel McDermott,   Kaden Muckey, Anastasia Oldham, Perry Owens, Sonie Romero, Alexandra Shadrina, James Sheinbaum, Chloe Stoffel, Anushka Sai, Hannah Todd, Jenna Tomkinson, Zachary Wandishin, Kevina Wong, and Vienna Wong.

The Constitution Award Winners: Jazlin Rodriguez, Stanislav Darevskiy, Lara Muehlhoefer, and Jasmine Pham

Stars and Stripes Award Winners: Kristine Barnes and Abigahil Peterson

Adam Smith Award Winners: Caris Fox, Jia H. Lin, Jazlin Rodriguez, and Jesse Gomez

The Globe Award Winners: Nekell Lowe and Amir Childs

The Churchill Cup Award Winners: Molly Coveyduck, Emma Eagen, and James Sheinbaum

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