New Graduation Requirements

Get with your councilor to figure out what classes you need in order-to graduate. It’s better to know now than later


Krystal Grider, Staffer

Graduation requirements for classes of 2021 and any other class after that has to pass the English and Mathematics capstone to be able to graduate. They also must have a minimum of 22 credits for graduation. Smoky Hill High School Website says, “At the end of the school year, a freshman has successfully completed a minimum of 6 to 7 credits, a sophomore has 11 credits and a junior 17 credits. Also within the 3.0 required credits of Social Studies, 1.0 credit must be a full year of U.S. History and .5 semester of Civics/Government. The next iteration of excellence in Cherry Creek requires a focus on innovative teaching, thinking and learning in a systemic manner for all students, in every school.”

By not passing the capstone interferes with you walking across the stage, stay on top of your stuff, go to class, and take good notes and you will have nothing but success. Graduation is honestly the most important thing to accomplish in life, without a high school diploma there wont be any good jobs for you, it’s something so simple that will impact your life forever. It’s interesting how they choose to change it now, the requirements have been the same since 1974. The students that will be graduating in 2021 are not happy that they change the graduation requirements but it’s not like they have too have more credits than the 2020 students its only the change in the capstone. The website also says that, “All students must demonstrate career or college readiness in mathematics and English Language Arts through at least one of these options below.”