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Lockdown Buckets

Lockdowns keep us safe, but can be uncomfortable, these buckets could help with that.

Avery Bailey, Staffer

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Lockdowns at schools can take anywhere from one hour, to as much as eight hours. This can be a problem for diabetic kids, people who need to go to the bathroom, and someone who might be bleeding. Equipping classrooms to be ready for something like this could be a very good thing.


Student Government wants to take on the project of putting an emergency lockdown kit in classrooms around the school. Freshman Lily Monson share more about the kits.


“I think it’s a really good idea [the kits], because sadly it is a real threat we have to deal with, and if we ever have to go into a lockdown for a long time, we want everyone to be as comfortable as possible. I also think that if we ever have to use the kit, it would be really helpful,” Monson said.


There are many classrooms that kids can duck into if we go into an emergency lockdown, the concern is that there will not be an emergency kit there. There are 160 classrooms and many more rooms that kids would be able to take shelter in.


“The kits will be in all classrooms, gyms, locker rooms, resource centers, the auditorium, lecture center, counseling office, dean’s office, and many other rooms that students could be found in throughout the school,” Monson said


Knowing that there are 160 classrooms and all other rooms such as the resource centers, funding for the kits could be a struggle, but StuGo is looking at donations for the kits.


“In order to fund all the kits, we are going to businesses in the area and see if they would be willing to donate to the cause. We do not yet know what we are going to do with buying anything we cannot get donated,” Monson said.


The kits will have the varrius essentials for anyone who is diabetic, hurt, or anyone who needs to go to the bathroom.


“In the kits there will be a bucket and kitty litter as well as toilet paper for students that need to go to the bathroom. There will also be a sheet or tarp to give those students privacy. In addition, there will be smarties or another form of candy for those that are diabetic, there will be maxi pads in case any students are physically hurt (they are good for absorbing blood), with that there will be wet wipes to clean a wound. Lastly there will be a few bottles of water that can be used in whatever way necessary,” Monson said


With these kits, Smoky Hill will be even better prepared for any emergency lockdown.

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Lockdown Buckets