Kids 16 and Up Can Get Vaccines

Colorado residents aged 16 and up are all able to get a Covid-19 vaccine.


Covid-19 Vaccine Card

Isabella Holman, Staffer

As of April 2, all Coloradans 16 and older are eligible to get the vaccine. Everyone 16 and up is able to get the Pfizer vaccine and 18 and older will have the option between the Johnson and Johnson or Moderna vaccine. Trials for vaccines for 12-15 year olds are in the works and they will hopefully have access to the shot before the new school year begins. 

“Some people have medical reasons to not get the vaccine but If we have heard immunity that’s protection for them and us because others will be vaccinated and not carrying around the virus” said school nurse, Jennifer Stone.

Teens wondering where they can get the vaccine have to go through their county. Most hospitals, pharmacies, King Soopers and Safeways are providing the vaccine. Below are some links to help you find a suitable vaccine provider.

“I felt really relieved mostly because my brother is high risk so I felt like I was protecting him” said sophomore, Kai Morris after getting her first shot,  “I was tired and my arm really hurt, that was about it.”

Registering for the vaccine is very easy. Anyone who is a frontline worker or has underlying health conditions is first priority and considered “Phase 1”, the general public is considered “Phase 2”. Select the one that best fits and then fill out a form providing your personal information. After submitting the form, they will later contact you with the date of your shot. Governor Polis says that everyone who wants to get the vaccine should be able to before the end of May. 

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