I’m Late Again….Great

School wide tardiness is an issue for teachers and students but there are ways to solve this issue.

I’m Late Again….Great

Desire Young, Staffer

Tardiness in schools is a big issue for students and teachers. The teachers are tired of being interrupted when a student walks through their doors in the middle of a lesson. The faculty and students at Smoky Hill High School, who are on time every day, have some tips and advice for you.

“I think part of the reason why people are late is they underestimate how long it will take for them to get to school,” said Liza Doty, a teacher here, at Smoky Hill High School, “The best way would be to leave a little bit earlier in order to get here in time,”.

According to Ms. Doty, leaving early is the best way to get to school on time, but what are some things you can do the night before to prepare?

As reported by Forbes, “Prepare lunches the night before,”. In addition to Forbes, Smoky Hill student Shenarra Acquah gave a rundown of what she does the night before school. ”I put all of my supplies in my backpack, then I put it in a corner and I make my lunch the night before,”.

It shouldn’t be hard for students to get here on time since P.E teacher Angelica Combs, gets herself and her kids to school on time, each morning.

“My kids set their clothes out the night before and do their backpacks the night before as well,” said by Angelica Combs,” I also check the weather the night before to plan ahead,”.

Motivators are a great way to force yourself to get up. It could be the fear of being late or being rushed. It could also just be telling yourself that this is going to be a good day.

“I don’t like to be frazzled” vocalized by Angelica Combs. As mentioned by Liza Doty, “I don’t like to feel rushed, if I’m too rushed in the morning, it ruins my day,”. 

To get up out of bed, set many alarm clocks and not hit the snooze button. Of course, the bed is comfy and who would want to leave it? On the other hand, you have to force your body to have some sort of routine.

“I set a bunch of alarms that go off every 15 minutes and that’s how I get up. They’re so annoying that I just have to get up,” voiced by Liza Doty.

For students, it is easy to stay up late doing homework or on social media. In return, your body wants to shut down in the morning to get a minimum of seven hours. That is why doing homework should be done earlier and have a set time of when you will put your phone down.

“This is the main cause of lateness in school. Many students postpone doing their homework at the right hours and do them late in the night or the morning before school. Manage your time better such as sleeping earlier and have efficiency when waking up,” stated by Learn Par.

At every school, there is going to be a long line of parents and students in the parking lot trying to get to class. Make sure the night before you plan for the traffic and aim to leave early as advised by Liza Doty.

“I know there’s a lot of traffic the closer you get to start time, the best way to get here on time would be to leave a little bit earlier.”

Sleep is a common factor and excuse students use to miss school. You need at least 7-9 hours of sleep. There is an easy solution to this problem.

“Go to sleep earlier, the reason why you’re constantly late for class is that you find it difficult to get yourself out of bed in the morning,” according to Study.

The next time you find yourself late to school you should take into consideration these tips and solutions from students and teachers who always arrive on time.

“Establish a routine where you prepare for tomorrow tonight. Examples include laying out your clothes, packing your lunch, knowing where your keys and wallet are and reviewing your calendar” expressed by Entrepreneur.