Helping the Community

What do they do in key club?


Caleb Benavidez, Staffer

Most people don’t know about a community helping organization called Key Club.

“Key Club is a volunteer organization that’s led by youth that we have in Smoky Hill,” Key Club President Supreme Subedi (12) said.

Key Club is a volunteer organization hosted in most high schools, but who is it available to?

“One of the things that make it unique from other organizations here is that it’s available to all students, so it’s not limited by what grade you’re at,” Subedi said.

Key Club is available to all high school students, but how long has it been available?

“I honestly don’t know that I’ve been here for 27 years and as far as I know, we’ve always had a Key Club,” activities director Scott Cohen said.

Most of the volunteer work they do is based on what the students want.

“It allows students to create their own initiatives for volunteering and service in our community, as well as the ones that Key Club provides here at Smoky,” Subedi said. 

Key Club currently is working on multiple different projects.

The sponsor of Key Club is language arts teacher Kristen Gurzick. “Usually Key Club goes and prepares dinner at the Ronald McDonald House for the family staying there, but with COVID that messed that up. We’re working on a sneaker drive that’s both a fundraiser but also a way that sneakers that no one else can use anymore can be recycled,” Gurzick said.