Habesha Club

The Insight into Habesha Club

Priscilla Morris, Staffer

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image1Wengel Tadesse is a senior and the president of the Habesha club at Smoky Hill High School, she has been a member of the club since her freshman year. Many students at Smoky are unaware of what this club is. “The Habesha club is a club to help Ethiopians and Eritreans and to also help us show others our culture.” Tadesse explained.

The Habesha club was created about four-five years ago by a boy named Hagos and Nebiyu Tadesse, Wengel’s older brother. The Habesha club has not only doubled but tripled this year and will continue to grow more and more every year.

“I believe this club impacts Smoky Hill in a good way because it’s teaching Smoky a new and different culture. Many people think that just because we’re from Africa we live in huts and we ride elephants to school but we are here to prove them wrong. That the stereotypes are false,” Tadesse said.

“Habesha club participates in World Awareness Week To make our club more known we try to participate in all the events the school has like Extreme Fest, Parade, etc.,”

The Habesha feels they are like a family and show how much they do everything together in a family-like way. “In Ethiopia, right now there’s a war going on and we are all affected by it because our families are dying out there. We try to stay together and help the people back home as much by raising money or helping the country by something. We all stand together and fight for our country,” Tadesse said.

This club is can be a fun way to get involved, so if interested to join The Habesha club they meet after school every Wednesday in room I-406. Anyone can join no matter your race or background, go check it out Buffs!

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