Goodbye Seniors

Smoky Hill hosts a pep assembly to honor the graduating senior class of 2019

Tracy Johnson, Tyler Dortch, Staffer

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The barrel boys hug, as the barrel position is handed off to an up-coming senior, Dylan Mckee by graduating senior, Cameron Kennedy.

The StuGo honors unified basket ball for their state championship win.

Scott Cohen opens the assembly with a roll call of each class.

The StuGo, student government, honors the teachers who will be leaving Smoky Hill, either to retire or moving on to other job positions.

The Seniors exit the west gym for their last time after the pep assembly.

The ‘Royal’ step team of Smoky Hill gets ready to preform at their last pep assembly.

Aidan Hicks,12, shows off his surprise banner, inspired by his earlier work.

The junior class runs into the senior section after the seniors had left the gym.

The yearbook kids are honored by Smoky for all of their work they’ve put into the Summit Yearbook.