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Getting to Know the new Assistant Principal

Nisha Razack, Editor

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Aleisha Armour is going to be replacing Karen Adler as Assistant Principal starting next year.


SN: What inspired you to become an AP?

AA: So actually I had aspirations of going into school administration when I was in high school. One of my senior quotes in my senior yearbook, it actually said that one day I wanted to be United States Secretary of Education. But, I’ve always decided that I wanted to go into leadership. I also love working with parents and working with the staff members as well to make a difference in a large scale.


SN: In your opinion, what does an AP member mean to you?

AA: So you know it’s funny you asked that because the role of an assistant principal is to first of all to support the principal and support that vision. It’s really connecting with the staff kind of being a vessel for staff, parents, students. I think the role is also to follow out what the district has in mind for this specific school, which in this case it will be Smoky Hill. [Also], making sure that we are all staying connected and just building relationships and loving on all of you as we’ve tried to do over the years and just continuing that legacy.


SN: What are you looking forward to while entering Smoky Hill High School?

AA: Ohh my goodness I am so excited to see my kids!! The kids that all came from Laredo. I’m excited to get to the high school level, and really I’d say just really support you all as you make the steps towards graduation. Whatever that looks like. I’m excited to get to know the Smoky Staff members. Some of them I know but not a ton and so it’s always exciting to build new relationships, and I love activities as well. I’m excited to be apart of the Homecoming’s and the Graduations and Proms and all of those milestones in your lives.


SN: What should students and teachers know about you?

AA: Students and teachers I would say should know that I am very passionate about the kids. People always say well ‘what’s best for the kids’, but making sure that we are all taking care of eachother and we all have the end goal in mind. That’s to get all of you high school diplomas. However difficult that may be. I’d say they should also know that I am grounded in family, and I honestly believe that it does take a village to raise a kid. I know that I have three kids and one of them is only one years old. I would not even be able to take on this role if I didn’t have my village and my family that supports me. So that’s what i’d say they should know.


SN: What are you gunna miss about Laredo?

AA: I am going to miss the connections that I’ve had with the staff here, but like I said the kids are coming with me so I’m excited that I’ll stay in this feeder. I am gunna miss my Laredo family the most. I will miss…I think I will miss the little swirly sixth graders cause they’re so.. they just come in sometimes just tryna get them going. Then watching how they develop over the years. I’m gunna miss seeing the little kiddies from time to time. But I’m excited to walk in with the ninth graders and walk them all the way to graduation and senior grade.


SN: And how did you get the job at Smoky?

AA: How did I get the job at Smoky? You know what, I think it was really applying and people knowing that I was ready for an opportunity. I used to be at Overland High School. I was a dean at Overland for one year, so I always had a special place for high school in my heart. I think coming from this feeder area and knowing Smoky families, Laredo families, the feeder elementary schools and just building the connections with all of them. I think that’s probably how I got the job.


SN: And then for fun, what’s your favorite animal?

AA: My favorite animal is an elephant. I’m gonna tell you why and soon you can look about my office and see elephants all over. I can’t wait to put them up over at Smoky. But not only are Elephants good luck..  I’m a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the elephant is our unofficial mascot. I collect Elephants with the trunk up. Only with the trunk up, so often you’ll see elephants around my neck. They just represent strength to me and so that’s my favorite animal.


SN: Why would the trunk up…?

AA: Just for some reason it has to be the trunk up. Facing upward not down.


SN: What’s your favorite color?

AA:My favorite color is purple. Hands down, I just think it’s beautiful. You know again it always represents passion and royalty [and] beauty. In my daughter’s room her nursery is purple and black,so that’s our color.


SN: Where did you grow up?

AA:I grew up right here in Denver. I am a Denver Native and I graduated from George Washington High School.  I went away for college and grad school for seven years.  I missed home and I missed my family so I got a job with Cherry Creek right out of college. That’s when I moved back, so I’ve been in Denver most of my life. Born and raised.


SN: Well thank you so much for your time!! Have a great day!

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Getting to Know the new Assistant Principal